My Philospy on Skin Care

Jamie Hall-Erath C.P.E., L.C, Oncology Esthetician

Welcome!  My name is Jamie Hall-Erath.  I have been helping clients achieve the perfect skin they have desired to have for over 36 years.  I am a Certified Para-medical Esthetician & Licensed Cosmetologist.  I am also an Oncology trained Esthetician. My para-medical training brings scientific knowledge to skin aging and problem diagnosis.  A holistic balance is created with my intuitive sense, energetic, awarness and individualized selection and applications of treatments. 

Each session with me begins with a thoroguh analysis of the condition of your skin.  Using a UV magnification lamp, I am able to examine issues below the surface.  This process will reveal any skin damage and latent problems not yet visible to the naked eye. I am able to respond to the ever-changing condition of your skin.  Products and treatments are customized during each appointment to create the most effective formulas for that specific session. Let me help you have great skin. 

"Jame is amazing!  She is so knowledgeable about skincare.  I had a great experience and my face felt awesome when I left.  I highly recommend Jamie to everyone.  "Kim C. "

What My  Clients Have to Say


"I am getting complements on my skin and it is all thanks to Jamie's fantastic treatments.  Her products are effective and her prices very reasonable.  Do something for yourself and I promise you will glad you did. " Jule P. "